5 Ways to Cultivate Joy In Time for the Weekend

Have you ever gone through a whole weekend, and by the time Sunday rolls around, you feel like you’re only then just starting to unwind? I think that happens to many of us, and it can be frustrating!

There is a better way! Sure, we all have busy lives, and sometimes our weekends are jam-packed with commitments too. It seems hard to catch a break. But by cultivating joy in everything you do, you can make the weekends more relaxing and enjoyable. Check out these five ways to start cultivating more joy in your life – just in time for the weekend!

Make time and take time

Start by taking a long look at your and your family’s schedules on the weekends. Are you spending all your time driving people to and from organized sports, parties and play dates? Maybe it’s time to consider paring back the weekend schedule a bit. Try to limit activities on the weekends to one or two things, instead of ten. You’ll have more time for yourself and each other.

Sleep in

Make a rule in your house that nobody gets out of bed on the weekends before 8 am (or 7, or 9, or whatever works for you). Even if someone wakes up, they can use that time to do something joyful – read a book, watch a movie, cuddle with the pets – but all while still in bed. It’s amazing what a little lie-in can do for your weekend joy.

Sit and notice

When was the last time you just sat, doing nothing? And I mean NOTHING. Set a timer for 10 minutes and sit in your favourite¬†chair. Don’t check Facebook or turn on the TV. Just do nothing. Notice your thoughts and the space around you. Doing nothing is a¬†wonderful way to cultivate joy.

Cook a great meal

Find a recipe that you and your family will love, go to the store and pick up the ingredients, then come home and cook to your heart’s content. Making and serving fresh, healthy food is good for your body and good for your soul.

Get outside

Walk, run, hike, or sit – whatever you fancy – but get outside in the fresh air for at least part of the weekend. Again, stay off your phone and just experience the breeze on your skin, the smell of the flowers and the fresh cut grass, and just BE. Your joy will abound.

There you have it – a recipe for well-being and joy each and every weekend. Try it and see how you do!

How do you cultivate joy? Leave a comment below and let me know!



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