Finding Joy Amidst Hate

We’ve been bombarded with hate recently, haven’t we? It’s a lot to take. The uprising of hate groups, the threat of war…it’s all very real, and very scary, and happening in real time on the 24-hour news channels and on social media.

It can be hard to find and feel joy in these times. Really hard.

So how do we get beyond the negativity in our world and break through to joy? Here are a few ideas.

Turn it off

The first and most important thing you should do if you want more joy and less hate is turn off the darn television and close all those tabs in your browser that are news related. Sure, it’s good to be informed, but we don’t need to be bombarded 24/7 with the ongoing diatribe of rhetoric that is cable news and the internet. Give yourself only 10 or 15 minutes a day of news. Or cut it out completely. It’s important for your mental health and for your joy. Oh and don’t get wrapped up in Facebook or Twitter conversations about the news. That will suck your joy like you wouldn’t believe.

Instead, read

Need something to replace your news addiction? Pick up a¬†good book. Lose yourself in it. Reading is one of the most relaxing activities. Just be sure you’re reading something that brings you joy and doesn’t bring you down. Curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and get lost in the pages.

Do something

Ignoring the news isn’t about ignoring the issues. If you are really feeling troubled by the state of the world, then take action. Participate in a peaceful rally. Write to your representative and make your views known. Write about your feelings (you don’t have to publish if you don’t want to). Taking action is one of the best ways to counter negative feelings.

Practice gratitude

The best way to counter hate and negativity, I think, is to practice gratitude. In spite of all that’s wrong in the world, we can find our joy in our gratitude. We woke up this morning. We are here to live our lives to the fullest. Find what makes you thankful and the troubles will still be there, but they will fade.

It’s easy to feel helpless with so much hatred in the world. But remember, you always have the choice – you can get wrapped up in the trouble or you can choose joy.

I for one always will choose joy.


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