Recognizing the Joyful Moments

You’re so busy all the time! It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Juggling all of the things in your life is hard work. You rush through your days from one thing to the next, and barely have time to think let alone breathe.

I think today’s world has made us busier than we need to be. Between work and kids and social life, we have a lot going on. ┬áBut throw in the busy-ness of the world around us – 24-hour news, marathon streaming of content, the constant buzz of social media – and before you know it, you’re overburdened, overstressed and overwhelmed.


It doesn’t have to be this way, at least not all of the time.

Take a breath.

There’s more to life than your hectic schedule. And the key to discovering what’s beyond your busy days is in finding moments of joy.

It could be noticing a flower. Or sipping a warm beverage. Petting a dog or cat. Reading something inspiring. Listening to a child laugh. There are so many ways to pause and experience moments of joy in your day. Even noticing something beautiful for 10 seconds can make a difference. Surely you have 10 seconds!

The more you explore finding moments of joy in your day, the more of a habit it will become. Before you know it, you’ll be finding the joy in the smallest of things. Allow that joy to propel you through your days, and stress will melt away. You’ll be able to reflect on your days as happy, even when you’re facing challenges.

So learn to recognize the joyful moments in your life, even the smallest ones. Your life will be better for it, I promise.

Photo credit @the_neighbourhood_homestead on Instagram

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